Starting out as an operator in a business, especially one as complicated as sports betting, is difficult. Sportradar has launched a new tool for sports betting operators that tackles these issues and simplifies onboarding.

On Monday, Sportradar stated that it is ready to introduce ORAKO to the betting community. The product is described as an all-in-one sports betting solution for betting operators wishing to launch a new sports betting offering or improve an existing one.

ORAKO, according to the sports betting data supplier, contains everything operators need to quickly launch and build an omnichannel sports betting service for customers.

It enables operators to engage with a large user base while also providing a tailored betting experience.

ORAKO is interoperable with existing PAM systems and comes preconfigured with Sportradar’s third-party PAM partners.

ORAKO provides worldwide reach and enables operators’ entry into new and growing markets by complying with all major jurisdictions, including Africa, Europe, Latin America, and North America.

The ORAKO technology allows operators to develop their sportsbooks and customise their material to their client base’s interests and preferences.

Furthermore, it can handle a high number of bets at any given time. This is especially crucial during high-profile athletic events, when the quantity of bets surges and operators require the security of a platform that can rapidly scale.

“With ORAKO, it is possible to manage up to 100% of a sportsbook’s operations and alleviate their need to invest in additional technology and innovation, freeing the operator to focus directly on expanding their business and achieving growth,” stated Sportradar Managing Director for Sportsbook Services Jacob Curciel.

Sportradar has a strong presence in the world’s major sports markets. The NBA owns a small stake in the corporation, which also works with NASCAR and the NHL in the United States.

Michael Jordan, the NBA legend, has also taken a share in Sportradar and joined the board of directors.

Sportradar has a long history with UEFA in Europe. Furthermore, ParionsSport en ligne, a French operator FDJ’s online betting site, has lately tapped into the company’s technology.

FDJ is the first French operator to use Sportradar’s Live Channel Promotion service. This collaboration combines the company’s technologies with those of its technology partner WSC Sports to provide ParionsSport customers with near-live, thirty-second video snippets of critical moments.

Short-form video snippets from major European soccer competitions, such as Germany’s Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2, Spain’s Cup events, Spain’s Copa del Rey and Supercopa, and Germany’s BBL basketball league, are available through the Live Channel Promotion offering!